Mindful Manufacturing

Vertically Integrated and Ethically Made.

Our Approach:

Who We Are


We're carrying on the long tradition of USA made goods and engaging with our city as we do so. We focus on authenticity and intentional planning throughout the manufacturing process.


An ethically structured supply chain and worker's rights are the foundation of our business. We've partnered with local mills and vendors to build a vibrant community centered on these values.


We specialize in earth-friendly materials and manufacturing techniques. Craft a unique journey for your brand while telling a sustainable story.

We've built our business in a way that helps you build yours with custom manufacturing strategies and solution-based thinking.

Our carefully cultivated team and vertically-integrated factory allow for an atmosphere of care, collaboration, and partnership.

Proud Partners


Vector Apparel Projects

1443 Walnut St.
Los Angeles, CA 90011



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